Cheesecake pops

What could be better than cheesecake on a stick right? And its the perfect thing for your leftover cheesecake, I know what you’re thinking; Leftover cheesecake? thats just cheesecake you haven’t eaten yet. But hear me out, what if you have people coming over or you’re going somewhere but all you have left is a couple slices and you really want to give them cheesecake, then this is the solution for you.

So the first time I made these I was in such a hurry I had no time to photograph them, and a friend of mine was devastated because he wanted to know how to make them. So for his going away party I made them again and this time spent the time to document it.

So you start with a cheesecake (homemade or bought, theres no shame in cheesecake right?) you scoop 1″ balls of the cheesecake and roll it in your hands, then roll in crushed graham crackers so that its easier to shape and tastes more like cheesecake in the end. I put them on sticks because its cute for parties and easier to dip, but you don’t have to.

into the freezer they go to get hard.

Next melt some white chocolate/candy melts. I’ve been a long time disbeliever of candy melts, they’re waxy and taste waxy, but Wilton has recently put out premium candy melts which are of a chocolatier quality, but I don’t have to pay 10 dollars or go to AJs or sur la table. So I tried them for this, and I must admit, I am a convert. It comes out hard and shiny, and tastes like creamy vanilla.

And I made some colored sugars. remember these?

Clear some space in your fridge and get some cheap craft foam. I used an extra stick to poke holes in it, now its my cheesecake pop holder. One at a time take a pop out of the freezer and dip in the candy. Make sure you shake off the excess or it will drip all over later. Quick tip, if your cheesecake is not sticking to the stick dip the stick in chocolate, then place it back in the freezer. Dip the top in the sugar (completely optional, but without it you wont get nearly as many “oooo, so pretty”‘s) and place in the fridge.

They set up really fast, if you use white chocolate it will take longer to set up, about the time I ran out of room on the foam half were set up and I could lay them down on a plate.

So cute, all rainbowy and summery

I put them in a stemless wine glass as a sort of vase just because they take up less room when they’re vertical than horizontal.

So there you have it, a little time consuming, but very easy, and a huge wow factor. I normally leave you with a nice bite into picture, but these too were eaten to fast to get it. Good sign, I guess?


Portal keychains

Been holding on to this one for a while until I could post it. For me and boyfriends anniversary I found these adorable portal necklaces from LiketyCut. So I made them into matching keychains for us. Sadly since then mine fell of the key ring due to the inferior jump ring the portal came on. Luckily, I replaced the jump ring on his with a bigger one so it should be safe. I’ll just have to order a new one for me, or make something stronger.

pretty nerdy I know, but also cute.